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In short, we'll teach you not just how to survive - but thrive in middle school. So with that - here's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Good Fairy of Popularity...

Hearts and rainbows,
Lucy &

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How to Survive the Super Mean Girl

An Excerpt From the Award-Winning Tell-All
Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School 

Just like there are S.M.T.’s (Super Mean Teachers) in middle school, there are S.M.G.’s – (Super Mean Girls).  (Pssst, some S.M.G.’s even grow up to be S.M.T.’s.)  We can pretty much guarantee you will probably have to deal with an S.M.G. in middle school.  This is because the social hierarchy intensifies.  Cliques get clique-ier, which means girls get meaner.  But what you have to understand is the “mean factor” stems from a desire to feel powerful.  We know that doesn’t make it any easier to accept, but to understand why girls can be mean may help you deal with it.

Before moving on, let’s contrast girls with guys.  Of course there are S.M.G.’s (Super Mean Guys), too.  But they are an entirely different breed.  At their worst, guys will just call each other some unmentionables, have a fistfight, only to throw hoops and be friends an hour later.  With girls, it’s much more sinister, covert, and under the table.

Enter the S.M.G.:  She’ll roll her eyes at you, smirk, and whisper something to her B.F.F. as you walk by.  Then she’ll laugh.  You brush it off and think it’s just happenstance.  Maybe she’s talking about someone else.  But the next time you see her at lunch she mutters, “Nice clothes.  Where do you shop, the Good Will?”  She’ll continue bashing you to her friends by cutting down your clothes, hair, and overall personality, only to finish with an “Am I mean?”  And you can’t really tell an adult because 1) tattling is considered really lame in middle school and 2) she hasn’t done anything super bad.  Still, you feel terrible and want to cry.  Why?  Because S.M.G.’s never took Kindness 101.  She’s a Super Mean Girl and she’s getting to you, which is exactly what she wants to do.

 So – here’s how to deal:

♥ First, confront the S.M.G. when she’s alone and without her entourage.  Ask what you did to upset her.  This will probably get her to stop.  Most S.M.G.’s don’t expect or like to be confronted.

♥ Every mean girl group has an alpha or a queen bee, who’s like the ring leader.  If you befriend the alpha queen bee, her followers will most likely leave you alone (unless it’s the alpha who’s being the S.M.G.).

♥ If the S.M.G. is talking about you with her S.M.G. clique, you have a few options.  You can 1) ignore them, 2) laugh it off, or 3) stare them right in the eyes.  Whatever you do, look super confident (head up, shoulders back) so not to appear intimidated.  Don’t look at the ground or act schlumpy.  Always appear poised and in control, and never resort to physical violence!

♥ It’s hard but try not to cry.  If the S.M.G. sees peer-tears, she knows she “has you,” which is what she wants – power and control.

♥ Know that chances are the S.M.G. will get tired of picking on you and stop.  She rarely sticks with one victim and you probably aren’t her only target.  Just remember that you’re awesome and she’s obviously jealous of something you possess (beauty, brains, personality, all three).  Stick with your own group of friends who love you.


S.M.G.’s are bad, but there is a world of difference between her and the cyberbully.  With just the click of a mouse, a cyberbully can ruin someone’s life – permanently.  It’s a serious offense and in a few extreme cases has even led to suicide.

 First, know what a cyberbully is.  A cyberbully:

1. Pretends they are someone else online in order to trick or obtain information
2. Spreads lies and rumors about other people
3. Sends or forwards hurtful messages or texts
4. Posts pictures of others without their consent or in embarrassing situations, like changing in the locker room.

This is nothing to fool around with.  If you come across a cyberbully, identify them and block all communication.  Go and report it to an adult immediately, such as a teacher, counselor, or parent.  And never, ever retaliate with your own cyber attack.  For more information, there are helpful websites such as Stopcyberbullyingnow.com

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to be a Great B.F.F.

An Excerpt From the Award-Winning Tell-All
Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School 

If you’re lucky enough to have a B.F.F., you should value and treasure her.  Someone you can laugh and cry with, dream and gripe with, who loves you at your best and accepts you at your worst is a gift under ordinary circumstances.  In middle school, it’s a blessing.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a B.F.F., don’t stress.  Friendships take time to foster and grow.  Here are some ways to get and keep a B.F.F.:

♥ Be true to yourself.  Don’t ever act like someone you’re not or compromise your principles.

♥ Listen as much as you talk.  Give advice only when asked for or when necessary.

♥ Be trustworthy.  Keep secrets secret.

♥ Spend time together.  Like a plant, friendships need to be tended to or they die.

♥ Find activities you both like to do together, whether it be shopping, scrapbooking, or cochillin’ on the biPod.

♥ Praise her for her accomplishments and she should do the same for you.  Be each other’s secret cheerleaders.

♥ Don’t be overly competitive.

♥ Avoid jealousy.  Obviously your friend is going to have some qualities you find admirable or you wouldn’t be friends with her.  Nonetheless you shouldn’t envy those things.  If you are the jealous type, work on your own self-esteem and be grateful for what you have.

The B.F.F. Tiff

All B.F.F.’s squabble once in a while.  When you do have an argument, give your B.F.F.  some time and space to reflect about the situation.  Then talk it out and really listen to her concerns and ask that she do the same for you.  In the interim, don’t bad mouth or start rumors about her.  If you both respect the relationship, your squabble should blow over and you’ll be B.F.F.’s again before you know it.

 CeCee and I have been B.F.F.’s since our sandbox days.  Sure we get into little tiffies, like the time she wouldn’t let me copy her homework.  But we get over it.  We’ll be B.F.F.’s for a long time I’m sure, although lately I worry that she could get into the Kandi Klass Club.  I see Kandi trying to talk to her like she’s someone really cool.  It freaks me out and makes me all crazy with jealousy.  Also, CeCee is so pretty, it’s scary - especially when she takes off her glasses.  I curse the day she gets contacts.

Lucy is the quintessential best friend.  Okay, maybe she’s not as principled as I would like and her morality can be a little slippery, but she means well and has a good heart.  Also, her loyalty is off the charts.  The girl would fight off a swarm of soul-snatching sorceresses for me without so much as a thought.  I just fret that sometimes that she could be accepted into the popular A-crowd and forget about me.  She’s so gregarious and I’m such a social clodhopper, it’s bound to happen.  But I have to believe she’s better than that.  After all, trustworthiness is most important when it comes to B.F.F.’s and Lucy has never proven traitorous in any circumstance.  Hence, Lucy’s the ultimate!!


Lots of B.F.F.’s keep a scrapbook of their memories.  It’s a cool way to celebrate your friendship.  Here’s how:

♥ Buy a big photo album and blow up a picture of you and your best friend for the cover page.  Decorate the page with drawings, sparkles, and stickers.

♥ Have a B.F.F. dedication page where you each write everything you love about your best friend.

♥ Decorate pages with pictures and make captions.  Examples: trips to the mall, sleepovers, getting ready for school dances, etc.

♥ Write on topics that interest you both, such as school, family, crushes, dreams, fears, etc.

Warning: Make sure your scrapbook stays private and out of the hands of bratty brothers, snooping sisters, and prying parents.  Decide on a place where you will keep the scrapbook - hopefully under lock and key.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling a Little Dingy? What's With All Those Bells?

An Excerpt From the Award-Winning Tell-All
Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School 

The first thing you have to get used to in middle are all the bells.  On average, you will probably hear 15-20 bells a day.  Some portend doom and gloom, like that first bell of the day; some portend joy and freedom, like the last bell of the day; and some just mean, Get your butt in gear and hurry up already!  It’s enough to make anyone feel a little ding-y, but you’ll get used to it.  The trick with bells is to use them to your advantage and not be late or tardy, as it’s called in middle school.

Being perpetually tardy is a bad habit to get into.  We know – it’s tough!  Especially when you only have five minutes to make it across the school when the halls are teeming with PDA’ers, stop-n-chatters, and hall huggers.  And top that off with having to use the restroom and going to your locker???  It’s impossible, right?

Actually it’s not.  Here’s how NOT to be tardy:

♥ Before school, plan accordingly.  Have your clothes laid out and take your shower the night before to save time – especially if you’re prone to hitting Snooze in the morning.

♥ There are four pivotal times you must go to your locker: in the morning before school, before lunch, after lunch, and after school.  Going to your locker between your other classes is up to you, but we don’t recommend it because it wastes time.  Try to prepare for two-three classes at a time so you don’t always have to stop.  If you do stop at your locker, try to keep it super organized so you’re in and out quickly.

♥ It’s hard, but dodge the stop-n-chatters and hall huggers.

♥ Try to pack up your things a little early in each class.  Don’t always wait for the bell.

♥ If possible, try to get a seat by the door in each of your classes so you can bizounce the second the bell rings.

♥ Walk briskly and assertively in the hallways.  Don’t do the turtle crawl.

♥ Don’t cyber check between classes.  It’s a bad habit that’s sure to slow down your stride.

♥ If you have to go to the bathroom, do it quickly and between classes where distance is the shortest.

♥ Try to find shortcuts to your classes.  You’d be surprised how cutting through the library or taking a certain stairway can shave minutes off your time.

♥ If you ARE tardy, walk in quietly and don’t make a big production of it.  Maybe you’ll luck out and the teacher won’t notice.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

An Excerpt From the Award-Winning Tell-All
Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School

Breaking up is hard to do.  Sometimes you’re the dumper; sometimes you’re the dumpee.  Either way, it’s no fun to break up.  So here are some tips on how to make the inevitably painful – painless (or at least with a shot of Novocain).


Don’t put it off.  If you know it’s not going to work or you’re crushing big time on someone else, then by all means – break up.  Remember:

♥ You don’t need an audience to call it quits.  Break up in private to maintain his dignity.

♥ Keep it short and sweet.  Don’t go into little details as to why he didn’t measure up.  Pssst – Guys have fragile egos.  Be gentle!!

♥ Although it’s a cliché, tell him you want to remain friends.  (This may have to wait a while if the guy is really into you.  A bruised ego takes time to heal!)

♥ If you’re breaking up because you’re crushing on someone else, be sure not to flaunt your new dude in front of him.  Ouch!!

♥ When you do the actual deed, take a deep breath, look him in the eye, and just tell him you don't think it’s going to work.

♥ Break up in person, face-to-face.  Breaking up via Myspace, email, AIM, and Twitter show a lack of class and character.  If you can’t see him in person, tell him on the phone. Most importantly, don’t have a friend do it for you.  YOU went out with him - YOU should break up with him.

♥ Don’t take the easy way out and just blow him off.  If you’re not into him, be up front and honest.  And don’t ever bash him to your friends afterwards, especially if he cries.  Warning: guys cry.


Of course what comes around goes around, and you will in fact some day be broken up with.  It’s all part of playing the game of love.  Here’s how to keep the tears from flowing:

♥ Allow yourself to be sad but not for too long.  A couple days of shutting the shades, playing sappy music, and reading old notes should do it.  After that, you just become a burden to yourself and those around you.

♥ Reinvent yourself!!!  Get a new pair of jeans, a haircut, or a mani-pedi.  Feel good about yourself.

♥ Although it may seem otherwise, realize that it's not the end of the world.  Next time you’ll meet someone better who will appreciate you for you (flaws and all).  Remember you’re young.  You still have the rest of your life to find your soul mate

♥ Crush on a new crush.  The great thing about love is your bound to love again.

Don't try to make the person you broke up with jealous. You'll only look disparate and needy.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Locker (Your Home Away From Home)

Your locker is a pretty big deal in middle school.  In addition to it being your home away from home, it’s where a lot of action takes place.  At the lockers is where you’ll dodge hall huggers, hear gossip, and have your own locker chitchats.

For the incoming sixth grader, the locker can be a source of stress.  Thoughts like, “Oh no!  I forgot my combo,” “What if I can’t open my locker?” and, “What if someone stuffs me in my locker and no one finds me until June,” may consume you at first, but after about a month it’s just a normal part of your day, like brushing your teeth.

So, first things first – how to open your locker.  Locker padlocks take a little practice but can easily be conquered.  Here’s the deal in being a locker pro the first day of school (so you don’t look like a scrub):

1. Spin the dial to the right a few times to clear it.
2. Turn right to the first number.
3. Turn left PAST zero, and the stop on the second number.
4. Turn right to last number and Voila!


(Because CeCee’s locker is freakishly neat, and mine looks like a federal disaster area, she’ll be the one to tell you how to stay organized.)

Thanks, Luce!

Okay, so organization is extremely key to succeeding in middle school.  The first thing I like to do is affix my class schedule on the locker door and arrange my books and folders in order from first period to last.  I prefer a vertical stack because this gives me way more scope and latitude.  By always keeping my materials in order, I don’t have to fritter away precious seconds thinking about what I need.  It’s all right there in front of me.

I also utilize those locker hook thingies for my gym bag, purse, and jacket (if I brought one).  Additional plastic hooks can be procured at any drug or supply store.  Remember, whatever you do, don’t be a crammer (someone who just randomly crams things into their locker and shuts the door hoping the locker fairy will somehow organize their shambolic chaos before their next class).  Crammers never stay organized and seldom earn righteous grades.  Also, try to clean out your locker once a week, just to make sure it stays tidy and organized.

Garnishing your locker with decorations and personal heraldry is a lot of fun.  Some girls choose to have a motif, like flowers or rainbows, whereas most guys go for the hero-worshiping array of sports dudes and rappers.  When it comes to interior decorating, I’m more of a feng shui-ist, but a couple of items are absolutely locker-essential: a mirror for facial and food-between-teeth checkups and photos of your most principled friends and/or fave celebrities.  Along with lifting your spirits, photos can be a definite conversation piece.

HELPFUL HINTS FROM LUCY: Have a secret emergency compartment with a few unmentionables.  You never know when you’re little friend might show up.  (Just sayin’!)  Also, never leave food in your locker for long periods of time.  Once I left a carton of milk and some Cheetoes over holiday break.  It was an ant fest when I got back and major nast!!!  Oh yeah, I try to hang up lots of pictures of random cool looking people so as to appear popular.  Resulting outcome: pending.


♥ A locker/lock
♥ A mirror
♥ Magnets
♥ Cute boy pics
♥ Celebrity and band pics
♥ Tons of B.F.F. photo ops.  (Take a day and pose with your B.F.F.  Then choose which pics you should display.)
♥ Magnets/Tape

Unicorns and Rainbows,


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Who Are You? Surviving Cliques and Labels

Lucy: Cliques are social groups of tight-knit circles with characteristics often defined by attitude, clothes, and music. Common ones throughout the ages are preps, goths, emos, oddballs … what else, C.?

CeCee: Hipsters, delinquents, VIP popular kids, couples, loners, geeks, band people—

Lucy: Bookworms, nerds, punks, skaters, drama people, choir people, nonconformists—

CeCee: Who, by virtue of nonconforming, are, in fact, conforming—irony alert!

Lucy: Tomboys, jocks, grade repeaters, cheerleaders, wannabes—

CeCee: I think that about covers it, Luce.

Lucy: So, CeCee—why do you think there are cliques to begin with?

CeCee: Because it’s a universal law that everyone wants to belong and feel a part of something. In this respect, cliques are normal and healthy.

Lucy: Are you implying that some cliques are abnormal and unhealthy?

CeCee: Absolutely! Cliques can squelch individuality, promote exclusivity, and frown on clicking outside the clique. This is not normal and healthy.

Lucy: Rightsies.

CeCee: So when choosing a clique, make sure to find a group of people who embrace who you are as a person—

Lucy: And let you pick your own peeps. You don’t want a clique that’s all exclusive and controlly.

Lucy and CeCee: Because cliques are a big part of middle school and only get more intense in high school, we’ve taken five basic ones and analyzed them.

WARNING: These analyses are based on general stereotypes that should not be applied to individuals. They are merely personas, like what you see in movies and television shows. That said, there may be tiny hints of truth to each, so really think about who you are before committing to a clique.

Punky Goth Types
Distinguishing Trademarks: Rockin’ the black fishnets, Manic Panic hair dye, loads of eyeliner, combat boots, multiple piercings, and anarchy tattoos. Punks and goths are more distinguished in high school, whereas in middle school, they pretty much run together. The basic difference is punks are more political and rebel against authority. Goths are into fantasy, Victorian/vampire-y things, and shop at Hot Topic.

Why They’re Cool: Punky goth types have a strong sense of self and don’t really care about what others think. Since they relish in being atypical, they are immune to silly trends and rages.

Downside: A little too gloom and doom. They experience a lot of “black flack” from parents who don’t understand the whole “what’s the point of life” attitude. Some PGs suffer from a gothier-than-thou syndrome and are very tiresome to be around.

Distinguishing Trademarks: Pants pulled up high with a belt, shirt neatly tucked in, hair slicked back and gelled, and, of course, the thick-framed tortoiseshell glasses. They say things like “nifty” and “neato.” These number crunchers are always on the honor roll, into sci-fi marathons, and sometimes persecuted for their superior intellect.

Why They’re Cool: Nerds are walking encyclopedias who don’t answer to anyone but their computers. They have bright, productive futures that include graduation from MIT, inventing something “nifty,” and getting filthy rich like no one’s business. Also, they’re the only clique with a candy named in their honor.

Downside: Nerds aren’t exactly known for their fun side, and some would argue with the exception of D&D parties, they have a nonexistent social life. Some nerds fall victim to wedgies, swirlies, and other pranks.

Distinguishing Trademarks: Superperky, glossified, flirt-in-a-skirt types. They do herkies for no particular reason, talk with tons of emotion, and sprinkle their conversations with lots of words like “totally,” “soooooo,” and “OMG.”

Why They’re Cool: Cheerleaders are always happy, hyper, and superflexible. They make pep rallies and games entertaining and don’t mind living up to their stereotypes.

Downside: Cheerleaders are hypercompetitive and not known for their astronomical IQs. Occupational hazards include twists, sprains, and breaks.

Distinguishing Trademarks: Always clean, neat, and well groomed with classic, soap opera-y names like Amanda, Charlotte, Walker, and Blake. They wear shirts with little alligators and polo dudes on them. Preps are superconfident, ambitious, and image conscious.

Why They’re Cool: They see “preppiness” as a lifestyle choice, not a clique. They are classy, refined, and smell nice. Most preps are very friendly.

Downside: Some are money obsessed and snobby but will attempt to hide it for the lower classes so not to appear impolite.

Distinguishing Trademarks: Physically large and muscular; hair is styled in a crew cut. Since they tend to be BMOCs, jocks/sporties walk with an arrogant strut. Like their female counterparts (cheerleaders), they dwell at the top of the social ladder. They listen to the coach like he’s god and act like there is no point to life but sports.

Why They’re Cool: These able-bodied athletes are also natural-born leaders. When you have them on your team in gym, you will most likely win.

Downside: These “muscle heads” are supercompetitive and act like it’s the end of the world when they lose. Some may be mean to their polar opposite persona—the nerd.

To find out more about surviving cliques and labels, read Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School…

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Secret Chew: How to Hide Gum in Class

An Excerpt From the Award-Winning Tell-All
Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School

Lucy: Hiding gum in class is a specialized skill—as useful as multiplying or writing the five-paragraph essay.

CeCee: Why’s that, Luce?

Lucy: Because a lot of teachers get very worked up over the gum thing. We know—you’d think teachers have better things to expend their energy on, but for some reason, chewing gum on their watch gets many teachers’ undies in a bunch (scary visual alert). And, let’s face it—gum is necessary!

CeCee: It does alleviate stress and give you something to do in class while listening to coma-inducing subjects, such as photosynthesis and noun conjugation.

Lucy: Plus, there could be emergency circumstances—like you’re doing a lab with your crush and you have narsty mystery meat breath from lunch.

CeCee: An added bonus is that, if done correctly, chewing gum in class gives you that look of laid-back nonchalance.

Lucy: In other words, you look cool. The ultimate goal when chewing gum is to have your peers notice but not the teacher. When your peers notice, they’ll be secretly jealous and think you’re extra awesome for rebelling against the cardinal gum rule—unless you get caught, of course!

CeCee: Then, they’ll secretly gloat as you stagger over to the trashcan while your teacher screams like a banshee.

Lucy and CeCee: To avoid such a scenario, we recommend you practice chewing gum in your most clueless teacher’s class first while following these guidelines.

L&C’s How to Chew Gum on the Sly Tips

1) Unwrap the gum and place in mouth before entering class. (This sounds like a big duh, but some people mindlessly unwrap their sweet treat right in front of the teacher—only to get busted seconds later.)

2) Chew quietly and stealthily by making your chews small and with your mouth shut! No big dramatic jaw movements. If the teacher’s back is turned, you may feel like chewing louder, cracking, or chomping on your gum, but don’t. You’re bound to forget to stop when the teacher turns around, and then game over! And remember—no matter how tempting it is, no bubbles!

3) If called on to answer a question, your chances of getting caught have just multiplied, but you have some options. You can:

♥ slide the gum over to the back right or left side of your mouth and answer the question;

♥ quickly cough or clear your throat, spit the gum in your hand, and put it back in after you answer the question; or

♥ just swallow it.

4) Be warned that if you bungle any of the above, your teacher will surely confront you with “Are you chewing gum?” Some teachers will even go so far as to have you open your mouth and stick your tongue out. This desperate display of teacher authority is—of course—ridiculous, but then there are ridiculous teachers out there who think gum chewing is the ultimate violation.

Stuff You’ll Need:
♥ Gum
♥ Clueless teacher
Dear Diary ~
Arghhhhh! I was so excited about Josh’s note, I forgot 2 hide my gum and proceeded 2 blow a bubble right N the middle of Mr. Kragler’s slice-and-dice demonstration. I mean, what kinda sadist dissects innocent frogs anywayz? Mr. Kragler is obviously a kid and animal hater.

It’s just my luck that Josh finally wants 2 meet me face-2-face, and I get busted 4 gum! Now, I’m sitting N the stupid dean’s office with the other fixtures while Ms. Quinn calls my house. I already told her my parents R at work, but she doesn’t believe me. Now, she’s leaving a message about my habitual gum violations. How moronic!

So, what should I do? Maybe I should just run 4 it. But then, I’d get busted 4 sure. That Shakespeare dude was right. The course of true love never did run smooth. (Hey, Ms. Snow would be proud!) I know—I’ll write Josh a note declaring my love.

Hearts and twinkling tiaras,

Dear Josh ~

SS I couldn’t meet U third period. I totally got busted 4 chewing gum. How stupid is that? What U need 2 know is I am totally crushing on U 2! Some people (my BFF included) think you’re going out with Kandi Klass, but I happen 2 know U have better taste than that.

So, we should totally go out becuz I think you’re awesome! Call me tonight, babycakes!

Hearts and unicorns 4-eva,
285-8585 (cell)

(Note folded and sealed with Bonnie Bell Watermelon Pink Lip Smacker Star Glaze kiss)