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In short, we'll teach you not just how to survive - but thrive in middle school. So with that - here's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Good Fairy of Popularity...

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Talkin' Tween Lingo Lesson: 5 Words to Know

Dance-utante: A breakout girl who was a “nobody” before a school dance and then knocks out her party-girl moves and becomes superpopular.
Usage: “Did you see that dance-utante bust her moves in front of everyone? Now everyone wants to ask her out.”

Double ditching: When you ditch class and do something else bad on top of it like smoking in the bathroom or kissing your boyfriend.
Usage: “I got soooo busted for double ditching. Now I have detention for two days. Major drag!”

Hall hugger: Someone who needs moral support hugs between classes from boys and girls alike in order to make it to his or her next class.
Usage: “Geez! I would be on time to class if it weren’t for all these hall huggers blocking the way. Get a life!”

Teacher breath: The stale, rancid air emanating from teachers when they exhale or talk really close to you. 
Usage: “I offered my Ms. Jones an Altoid after getting a whiff of her teacher breath. So nast!”

Tweentrum: An uncontrolled outburst of emotion by a tween that can happen at any time or place without warning. When it occurs, always blame it on the hormones. Cry when need to.
Usage: “I almost got out of being grounded but then threw a tweentrum when told my curfew was 10:00 p.m. Why doesn’t anyone understand me?”

Watch the Tweentrums!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Ride the Twinkie a.k.a. School Bus

L&C’s Twinkie Time Passers


*Start a sing-along.

*Test out lip glosses. Figure out your most complementary shade.

*BiPod with your seatmate, announcing every song like a DJ.

*Make up crazy stories like your mother is setting you up with a modeling agency and flying you to
New York for American Idol auditions.

*Meditate and chant.

*Take out cell phone and have a series of fake but very important conversations. Drop words like
   unbelievable, fabulous, and phenomenal.

*Apply a temporary tattoo to a conspicuous body part, and act like it’s no big deal. When people
   inquire, say your aunt from Los Angeles gave it to you but doesn’t want your mother to know
and swore you to secrecy. Add that they haven’t spoken for ten years.

*Tell everyone you lost your contacts, and have your BFF lead you to your seat because you’re
   “legally blind.”

*Making a big production, open a jumbo bag of M&Ms. Drop them on the floor and cry, acting
   super upset. Hope others console you.

Stuff You’ll Need:

* Various accoutrements depending on activity, such as iPod, cell phone, M&Ms, and so on.

Helpful Hint from CeCee: I like to start my homework on the bus. You can’t do anything major like an essay, but it’s a perfect time to organize your planner and reflect on upcoming projects and assignments. Also, if you don’t get carsick, it’s a good time to memorize words for spelling/vocabulary quizzes and make appropriate flashcards for training purposes.

Comment by Lucy: Pa-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!  Don’t even pay attention to CeCee. Using the bus to catch up on your social correspondence via Twitter, IMs, Myspace, e-mails, and texts will keep you plenty busy.