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Monday, April 8, 2013

Say What? How to Talk Tween

Lucy: A-yo. Whatup? Those threads you’re rockin’ are spun, girl! So fetch! Gotta
bizounce. Laters.

CeCee: Translation—Hello. How are you? I really like that shirt you’re wearing. Looks
great. Well, I should get going. See you around.

Lucy: Webster, the dictionary dude, might not recognize tween speak as an official language, but it absolutely, unequivocally is. You dig?

CeCee: That said, be warned—parents and teachers may frown when you’re slinging the slang around. But just remind yourself that talking tween isn’t just a contrived affectation but an absolute necessity. After all, every generation has its own way of talking.

Lucy: Yeah, dude! If, on the other hand, you’re feeling lost in translation and not sure how to make your chatter matter, try listening to the kids around you. With a little practice, your gab will go from drab to fab!

CeCee: Hey—tween speak!

Lucy and CeCee: Here are a few dos and don’ts to remember when talking tween:

L&C’s Talking Tween Tips

* Don’t overdo the coolness factor. You’ll be perceived as trying too hard, which is worse than being perceived as uncool.
*Don’t overdo the Internet acronyms when you talk. A few are acceptable and necessary, but try to limit them to texts, tweets, and the chat room.
*Do sprinkle in cool-sounding vocabulary. Here are some fun, sophisticated words to try:
o   My sister was so uppity today.
o   I don’t know what to do; I’m so conflicted.
o   Camouflage is so passé, don’t you think?
o   Her look is so urbane coming from the city.
 *Do use ironically cool retro words and phrases like “groovy,” “gotta split,” and “far out.” Do use
these tired slang words and phrases sparingly or not at all:        
o   Pad/crib
o   No brainer
o   Da bomb
o   You go, girl
o   My bad
o   Let’s not and say we did
o   Are we having fun yet?
*Do compliment others’ gear with the following:
o   So vintage
o   So retro
o   So Betsey Johnson (or other designer)
o   So crafty
o   So fun
o   So the new black
o   So classic
*Do use the following lines when you’re not really listening:
o   “Shut up right now.”
o   “Grab a rail.”
o   “OMG.”
o   “I’m baffled. Utterly baffled."