So you're starting middle school and a little worried, right? Well, put your freak-out on pause because we got the goods on how to make middle school the best three years ever. Why is our blog so unique? Hel-lo!! Because we're in middle school, too!
Anyways, we know you want to get A's and be super popular. And the truth is you can - which is why we wrote this super cool awesome handbook called
LUCY AND CECEE'S HOW TO SURVIVE (AND THRIVE) IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. We're going to tell you everything from how to snag that skater slacker you're crushing on to pinching out an A from that sadistic science teacher with the weird combover.

In short, we'll teach you not just how to survive - but thrive in middle school. So with that - here's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Good Fairy of Popularity...

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

What's With Homeroom???

Lucy: You’ll most likely start your middle school day with homeroom, which is kind of like your home base at school.

CeCee: And, while its official purpose is for the teacher to take attendance and the principal to make school-wide announcements—

Lucy: Most students sleep, talk, or scramble to finish their homework.

CeCee: You probably won’t get a grade in homeroom, but it’s a useful time to organize your day. Usually, announcements are broadcasted on an intercom or television. It may be tempting to tune out or talk to your neighbor, but don’t.

Lucy: Why not?

CeCee: Because you can learn about important school activities like dances, pep rallies, and club tryouts.

Lucy: Thrillage!

CeCee: Homeroom teachers are usually pretty cool because they don’t have to teach or grade papers during that time, so if you have questions, ask them!

Lucy and CeCee: Below are our respective helpful hints (in obvious rank contrast to one another) to help you cruise through homeroom.

Helpful Hint from CeCee: Use homeroom to your advantage by calendaring assignments and looking over anything that’s due that day. Also, it’s an ideal time to ask to use the bathroom and read stall scrawl.

Helpful Hint from Lucy: Use homeroom to catch up on social correspondence or to tweak your action plan for snagging that hottie crush. Also, it’s a great time to ask to use the bathroom and read stall scrawl.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Sleepover

Lucy: Sleepovers are a great way to bond with your besties.

CeCee: And, there are basically two types—

Lucy: Wild and superwild.

CeCee: We like the latter, but either one can be blastworthy.

Lucy: And, don’t let the name fool you. If it’s a classic, hardly anyone gets any sleep at a sleepover!

Lucy and CeCee: Here is a list of our classic sleepover activities.

L&C’s Classic Sleepover Activities

Freeze the bras of girls who go to bed first 
Have a horror-movie-fest
Give manis/pedis
Give makeovers
Have an old-fashioned pillow fight
Play Truth or Dare
Play “Would You Rather …?” 
Have a foodfest*
Make crank calls 

*Food is a vital part of the sleepover. After all, how will you stay up all night without the proper sustenance? Pizza with the works is an obvious and safe choice. Other yum-o options are tacos, hot dogs, and build-your-own sub sandwiches. Snack food should include popcorn, assorted candies, pretzels, chips ’n’ dip, and the like. Fun dessert ideas are making cupcakes, brownies, or having an ice cream sundae bar. And, don’t forget the next morning. If you’re a hostess with the mostest, you’ll send your besties off with a full stomach. Ask your mom if she doesn’t mind making pancakes or at least buying some sort of doughnuts or pastries.

Beware: If you’re a pranker-cranker, make sure to dial *67 first or call on a private line. We don’t recommend calling your teachers. Boys and extremely annoying people are all fair game—but never be mean! Also, cruel pranks should be avoided. This includes laxatives in the soda, dunking hands in warm water (doesn’t really work anyway), and shaving eyebrows or other body parts. Remember, what happens at a sleepover stays at a sleepover!

Helpful Hint: Don't be too loud. Not only will it irritate your parents, but they could become suspicious and check things out for themselves. Also, don't let your friends be a slob mob! If your besties leave and it looks like a tornado hit, encourage your BFF to stick around and help you clean up. This way, your mom won’t freak and vow never to allow any future sleepovers. Also, be sure to thank your parents for letting you throw your bash. Parents love to be appreciated!

Stuff You’ll Need:

Your six to eight best besties (this is the ideal size; any more and it gets a little crazy)
Lots of junk food
Scary movies (ask before you can get the R-rated kind.)
Sleeping bag/pillow
Barf bag or bowl since someone always overdoes it on the junk food
Makeup and spa materials
Cell phone for crank call and documentation purposes
Extra pillows, blankets

***Sleepover parties are cool, but sometimes it’s nice just to hang out with your bestie—which is when you have a bestie sleepover.***

Lucy and CeCee’s Sleepover Agenda

1) Organized Lucy’s Life Science notes as promised (approximate time allotted—seven minutes)
2) Discussed the art of kissing; practiced with pillows
3) Watched Twilight for the millionth time; analyzed pertinent Bella/Edward scenes
4) Painted toes
5) Danced to Black Eyed Peas
6) Made BFF picture frames
7) Picked up phone; listened to Lilly’s convo with Cora
8) Chugged soda; had burping contest
9) Made friendship bracelets
10) Updated BFF scrapbook
11) Feasted on Lacey’s Girl Scout cookies (at least Lucy did); CeCee watched as Lucy lapsed into temporary sugar coma
12) Dialed *67; called Josh Land twice—hung up twice
13) Picked up phone; listened to Lilly’s convo with Carson
14) Spied on Lilly, who journaled listening to John Mayer and then cried
15) Went through school yearbook; commented on entire class
16) Went through school yearbook; commented on entire faculty
17) Dialed *67; called Principal Payne to discuss uniform policy anonymously; hung up when wife answered
18) Perused through Seventeen and CosmoGIRL to take all quizzes; shared answers
19) Played game of “Would You Rather …?”
20) Googled “chest-building exercises” and did them
21) Made popcorn, burned it, threw it away
22) Washed faces, didn’t brush teeth, went to bed …