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Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Survive Gym

Lucy: Gym is the one class CeCee and I have together.

CeCee: Except my gym anxiety is off the charts since I have about as much jock appeal as a stick of celery.

Lucy: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Good one, C.

CeCee: It’s true. I literally have to force myself to participate so I don’t tarnish my GPA.

Lucy: Here we go—the old GPA rears its ugly head again.

CeCee: Anyway, because Lucy is much more athletically inclined than moi, I’m turning this chapter over to her.

Lucy: Thanks, C.—although you’re giving me way too much credit. Okay, it’s not that I’m a muscle-building jockette or anything. It’s just that I don’t mind gym as much as my academic classes. Either way, here are some pointers to get you through the drudgery of Blob Tag and the like:

* Locker room doom. Got the heebies about changing in front of everyone? It seems like a big deal at first, but really, it’s not. Just remember everyone feels weird in his or her underwear. If you’re really sketched out, go to the bathroom and change.

*If you cause your team to get whomped, don’t take it personally if the muscle heads don’t take it well. For some, gym is life and death.

*If you have cramps and your gym teacher is cool, don’t be afraid to tell her. She may give you a pass that day.

*Some gym teachers are sadists and designate certain days for marathons. For example, at Madison Heights, we have Marathon Mondays. If this is your sitch, try to think of something that inspires you while running—like your crush. If possible, listen to some high-octane tune-age on your iPod.

*Make sure to wear good kicks (tennis shoes) for PE. You don’t want to compromise your feet.

*Remember to hydrate. I like to carry a water bottle so I don’t have to drink out of the narsty school fountain.     

*And for everyone’s sake, don’t forget the deodorant!

Try to learn to enjoy gym. At least you get to move around, watch fetch guys show off their (more often than not, nonexistent) muscles, and burn calories all at the same time.               

Gym Must-Haves:

*Workout clothes or school uniform
*At least two pairs of clean gym socks
*One or two pairs of athletic shoes
*Sweatshirt (in case it’s cold)
*Granola bar or something to give you energy
*Deodorant/body spray
*Soap/shampoo/conditioner depending on how much time you’ll have to shower—it varies by school
*Personal hygiene items (just in case)
*A lock
*Bottled water