So you're starting middle school and a little worried, right? Well, put your freak-out on pause because we got the goods on how to make middle school the best three years ever. Why is our blog so unique? Hel-lo!! Because we're in middle school, too!
Anyways, we know you want to get A's and be super popular. And the truth is you can - which is why we wrote this super cool awesome handbook called
LUCY AND CECEE'S HOW TO SURVIVE (AND THRIVE) IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. We're going to tell you everything from how to snag that skater slacker you're crushing on to pinching out an A from that sadistic science teacher with the weird combover.

In short, we'll teach you not just how to survive - but thrive in middle school. So with that - here's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Good Fairy of Popularity...

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hey - Spookalicious Tweens...
Have a gorylicious Halloween!! 
 Love and zombie guts –
Lucy & CeCee

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Handle the 4-1-1: L&C's Buzz-Busting Tips

   1)  Make a buzz-busting pact with your BFF. If she’s a secret spiller, reevaluate the friendship.

2)  Avoid gossip and gossips in general.

3)  Never gossipfy (embellish) gossip.

4)  If you hear it, don’t repeat it.

If someone does proceed to gossip, act nonchalant
or disinterested, using lines like these:

      *“Before you tell me anymore, I just want to say I really like (whomever) and would rather not hear about how she still wets the bed. PS—I, for one, don’t believe it.”

      *“The history files called. They want their old news back.”

      *“Really? I’ve heard just the opposite.”

      *Take out your cell phone as if it’s vibrating. “Gosh, that’s interesting, but I really have to
   take this call.” The gossiper soon get the message you’re not the one to dish with.

Beware: Gossiping might seem fun, but be assured that if someone gossips with you, he or she will turn around and gossip about you! Remember—you can have lots of friends and be popular without caving into gossip.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

L&C's Crafty Note-Passing Tips:

1) Write the note while nodding, as if transfixed by the teacher’s lesson. (Bonus: She’ll      think you’re taking copious notes on her lesson.) Fold it in half and then in quarters— being superquiet. Cough a little to cover up any excess noise-age.

2) Identify your desired target, and pass carefully. For example, if the target sits behind    you, casually put your hand behind your back as if to stretch, keeping your eye on the teacher the entire time. If coast is clear, drop note.

3) If target is sitting to either side of you, just pass it really fast when the teacher isn’t      looking.

4) If target is sitting in front of you, tap him or her on the shoulder for a head’s up and drop note. Keep your eye on the teacher, and if he or she looks in your direction or so much as raises an eyebrow, thwart plan immediately.

Helpful Hint: If you have someone you regularly pass notes to—like your BFF—it’s wise to have a note-passing code, like two coughs and a throat clear. This way, you both know when to be on your game.

Beware: Never drop a note on the floor because someone else besides the target could pick it up. This can only lead to trouble, as he or she could confiscate the note, read it, or even in extreme cases—tell on you.

Interesting Factoid
Male teachers are more apt to read notes aloud, whereas female teachers are more likely to catch you in the process. Beware!

Stuff You’ll Need:

  •  A note
  • A friend
  • Possible deterrent props

Wednesday, October 10, 2012