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Sunday, November 18, 2012

L&C's Groovy Dance Tips

So it' time for the school dance.  Feeling self-conscious? Just bust a move in a big group. You’ll feel less inhibited. Remember, confidence is key! If you act like you have rhythm, you’ll look like you have rhythm.              

*Be bold: Ask someone to dance. If he says no, don’t take it personally. He is the one who are missing out—not you. 

*Play nice: Think twice about turning a guy down. Maybe he’s not your ideal hottie, but what’s one little dance?         
Style out (but be comfortable): You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction when doing the jerk! Always wear a fun accessory—like a sequined hair barrette or a sparkly scarf! It will put you in a festive mood.

Pre-Dance Primp ’n’ Prance: The week before, try on outfits and practice your groove moves in front of the mirror. It sounds corny, but it will give you that extra dose of confidence the day of.

Tune-age: The DJ is usually open to song requests. Have your faves in mind so you can dance to them like no one’s business.

Slow it down: The slow dances are a good time to relax and catch your breath. If a boy asks you to dance, just smile and accept. To avoid “awkward arm,” casually place your arms around the guy’s neck while he places his hands on your hips. Look him directly in the eye (if you really like him) or look around (if you’re lukewarm).

Helpful Hint from CeCee: Even if you’re a gawky maladroit (like me), don’t wait too long to get your groove on at a school dance. A lot of kids just stand around in clumpish crowd clusters until the last ten minutes. Then, they all scramble to the dance floor and go nuts. Trust me—let loose as soon as the music starts. Twirl, whirl, mash, mosh, pirouette, gyrate, and shake what your mama gave ya. You’ll be glad you did!

Helpful Hint from Lucy: Watch the PDA on the slow dances. If you get a little too close to your sweetie, some teachers or chaperones might write you up, which is a major drag. 

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